The blast furnace runner heaters are used for drying and heating runners. All MAPEKO heaters are individually designed and manufactured.

The blast furnace runner heater can be designed for a variety of tasks:

Blast furnace runner heaters can be supplied for heating or drying purposes, or a combination of the two.

The MAPEKO dryer can be equipped with the MAPEKO Soft Drying System FOEHN®, in which extremely slow heat increases can be achieved (< 10°C/h)


The torpedo heater is used for drying as well as heating torpedo ladle. All MAPEKO torpedo heaters are individually designed and manufactured.

MAPEKO Torpedo heaters can be designed for a variety of tasks:




Quick and efficient heating of torpedo is a decisive advantage to our customers. Energy efficient and a longer life span of the monolithic lining, through controlled temperature regulation during heating and drying, are the essential characteristics of the Torpedo heater.

For this purpose, MAPEKO has developed the TWIN BURNER.

The TWIN BURNER evenly heats the torpedo ladle horizontally in two directions. This creates a homogeneous distribution of heat within the torpedo ladle, which guarantees uniform heating.



  • Fast and energy efficient heating
  • Uniform distribution of the heat within the ladle
  • Controlled temperature regulation
  • Simple operation with „One Button Concept“
  • Available in vertical and horizontal directions