MAPEKO scrap dryers have proven themselves particularly useful in cold and damp conditions. They minimize the risk of hydrogen explosions and significantly reduce the tap-to-tap times.

Uniform drying of scrap requires the use of hot air (the use of an open flame only heats the scrap material in specific locations).

A key advantage of the MAPEKO scrap drying system is that the scrap remains in its own container during the drying process. In addition, the energy introduced during drying is not lost and thus the energy required during the melting process is reduced. The tap-to-tap times are also reduced.


MAPEKO ESP (Energy Saving Program)

Specific temperature control minimizes the gas consumption and allows an efficient drying process. Efficient drying reduces the tap-to-tap times and contributes to further energy savings.



A special feature of our scrap dryer is that during the drying process, by means of special regulation and temperature control, no hazardous dioxins and/or furans are generated.