MAPEKO systems are designed in such a way that they produce as few pollutants as possible and are extremely energy-efficient.
The energy-saving MAPEKO burners stand for maximum reliability and the lowest NOx values.

Gas/air burners, oxygen burners, flameless burners and hydrogen burners are available.

Special flame patterns are realized according to the task.

Preheating: - long flame
Drying: - wide power spectrum with lowest staring temperatures (<100°C)

MAPEKO burners are available for a wide variety of heating media

  • Natural gas (NG)
  • Propane / Buthan (LPG)
  • Cokeovengas(COG)
  • Carbon monoxidegas (CO)
  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Mixedgas (MG)
  • Kombiburner to use multiple media

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