• Innovations & Development


Development and innovation are an integral part of the MAPEKO philosophy. In collaboration with renowned refractory manufacturers and steel plants, we are constantly developing and implementing new products and ideas. Since 1973, all the fundamental improvements in the field of heating technology for ladles and tundishes have been developed and implemented by MAPEKO.

This is how technologies have been developed at MAPEKO for the last 4 decades, which have since been adopted by almost all the steelworks worldwide.


The energy-saving MAPEKO high-velocity-burner is designed to use the lowest levels of NOx with the highest level of reliability. Gas/air burners, oxygen burners as well as flameless burners are available.
Depending on the task, burners with different flame shapes can be generated. 

Heating processes:

  • Burner with long flame 

Drying processes:

  • Wide performance ratios with significantly low starting temperatures 


MAPEKO high-velocity-burners can be operated with multiple heating fuels:

  • Natural gas (NG)
  • Propane / butane (LPG)
  • Coke oven gas (COG)
  • Carbon Monoxide gas (CO)
  • Mixed gas (MG)
  • Diesel and other light fuels
  • Fuel oil
  • Compound burner

Cardanic suspended heat shield 

Designed and built by MAPEKO, the cardanic suspended heat shield, with height and angular compensation, is designed to ensure significant energy savings. The gap between the shield and the ladle can be adjusted to a minimum, thus ensuring a considerable amount of energy savings.

This technology has been developed by MAPEKO since 1986, and is a primary component for our machines.

Soft Drying System FOEHN®

In combination with the MAPEKO Soft Drying System FOEHN®, extremely slow heating rates are achieved (Due to the substantial amount of air, the following additional advantages are achieved:

  • High convective heat transfer to the material 
  • Uniform surface temperatures of the refractory lining
  • Maximum moisture absorption by the exhaust gases
  • The drying process can be started at a temperature as low as 90 °C
  • Extremely low heating rates are achieved (approximately 10 °C/h)

Oxygen addition – system for post-combustion of exhaust gases

MAPEKO registered its first patent in 1984 to burn harmful hydrocarbon compounds that are generated during heating process. Since then MAPEKO has continuously researched the combustion of these harmful gases, which led to the development of the thermal direct combustion process.

By the addition of oxygen through nozzles, installed in the ladle cover, the polluting gas components burn in the ladle and do not enter the environment. The flow of oxygen in to the ladle is regulated by a program and depends on the type of refractory lining. With this type of technology, all environmental protection requirements are complied with and an improved working environment is created.

MAREKU Recuperator

The MAREKU countercurrent – recuperator withdraws energy from the exhaust gases, which is used as preheated burner air for heating processes. This recuperation process allows energy savings up to 25%.

Benefits of the Radiation recuperator:

  • Fuel savings
  • High efficiency
  • Low maintenance even if the combustion air is contaminated or if there are residues in the fuel gas
  • No risk of overheating
  • Longevity

Heat shield insulation

Specially developed by MAPEKO, the heat shield insolation has proved itself over many years and we guarantee a long service life of our shields. Concrete is used as a boundary layer on the rim section of the heat shield for further protection. The insulation in the heat shield can consist of concrete or ceramic fibers.

MAPEKO provides one year warranty on the heat shield and its lining.

MAPEKO RFO (Ready for Operation)

Every system that leaves our factory is fully assembled and pre-wired. All functions are tested, creating minimal work required for installation and commissioning on site.